Downward Facing Dog

How to do Downward Facing Dog safely and correctly

Are you struggling with downward facing dog or perhaps you have injured yourself while doing this pose? Take 2 minutes to watch this video and read the below tips to help you with the alignment in downward facing dog and get the maximum benefit out of it.

Please go very easy with this pose if you have shoulder injuries.


1. Hands are shoulder width apart and ground yourself through your index finers

2. Arms are straight without locking the elbows

3. Neck is relaxed and let your head hang

4. Feet hip-width apart and parallel


To Focus On:

1. Externally rotate the biceps out to open up your chest

2. Roll the shoulders away from the ears and move the shoulder blades towards the tail

3. Keep the backs of the knees open

4. Extend the heels back and down

5. Press the thigh bones back, allowing the sit bones to spread