“Yoga with Christine makes me really happy; it’s a good way to relax after a stressful day at work.I wish that I could practice with her even more.”

Alexa Kea
“I have the privilege and pleasure of writing this reference for Christine Namaste.

 As a client of Christines, a Physical Education Teacher and Business Owner, I am extremely impressed with Christines  Knowledge, Professionalism and Expertese in her dealings with her clients who attend her Yoga classes at Nurture Womans Clinic, Townsville.

I had a number of function issues with my body through injury and overuse.  My range of movement and function has considerably improved through the expertise, guidance, coaching and encouragement of Christine. Christine has a warm, positive, manner which is appreciated and enjoyed by all her clients.  She gives individual guidance and a hands on approach for each of her clients with their various body issues.  Christine cares and is extremely passionate about her craft.
I am committed to attending her classes in the long term.  I get a lot of benefit both physically and mentally as well as enjoyment from attendance.
Christine is committed to the long term development of her skills and professional standing.”
Catherine Bold

“Yoga with Christine is safe and fun. Her passion for yoga is contagious, in fact I travel +20 k only to join her class, while I have 3-4 yoga places in a radius of a few km. Her knowledge is extensive, her training is amazing, but what really distinguishes her from the others is the depth and flexibility of her approach. She makes sure that each of us performs the poses to our best abilities, by checking on us individually and, when necessary, she adjusts poses according to our different limits/needs. In a world centred on rush and quantity, coming back to fundamentals, where quality is not lost, is something I certainly appreciate. Thank you Christine – you are a gem – and Nurture Family for contributing to my well-being in an unexpectedly pleasant way.”

Dr. Daniela Grigore

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